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Project Description
This is a sample application demonstrating the use of SQL Azure Federations in a multi-tenant solution.

The Cloud Ninja - SQL Azure Federations Project is a sample demonstrating the use of SQL Azure Federations in creating multi-tenant solutions. SQL Azure Federations can be a useful feature in migrating existing single tenant solutions to multi-tenant cloud solutions, as well as building new multi-tenant internet scale solutions. In this project we demonstrate the migration of an existing solution to SQL Azure Federations and further leveraging SQL Azure Federation features in our multi-tenant solutions.

The Cloud Ninja Multi-tenant task application makes use of SQL Azure Federations filtered connections in working with tenant data. A connection is opened to a SQL Azure Federations database, the initial connection is opened on the root database. We can then use the "USE FEDERATIONS" statement to route our connection to the correct federation member containing the tenant data, and enable filtering, which will scope our connection to an individual automic unit (unique tenant in our case). We can use the "USE FEDERATIONS" statement to easily route our connection to the root and any federation member as needed.

In addition to our multi-tenant applicaiton, we have implemented a simple dashboard to provide a visual of the federation information, as well as perform a SPLIT operation on the tenant federation member.

Cloud Ninja Federations View

  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  • Windows Azure SDK 1.5
  • Windows Azure Subscription
  • SQL Azure Federations
  • DNS configured with wildcard subdomain (alternatively you could test using hosts file and simply add a bunch of tenant hosts)

This sample was developed by the Azure Incubation Team in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft in collaboration with Full Scale 180

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